Dancer, choreographer Gabriela Gutarra has studied classical dance, folklore and flamenco with the most prestigious flamenco teachers in Sevilla and Madrid such as Carmen Lucena, La Tona, Milagros Mengibar, Merche Esmeralda, Manolo Marín and Antonio Montoya  “El Farruco”.​ 

She gained experience as a dancer and developed her career as a teacher in different countries such as Russia, Norway, Sweden and Cuba where she was involved in founding the Flamenco Cuban School “A Campas” (EU-funded). 

Gabriela has travelled and studied the roots and origin of flamenco -so called Flamencology- and has been lecturing and presenting the history, artistry and culture of flamenco to all kinds of different auditoriums. 

Right now, the focus is on dance theater, it’s her greatest passion.


Gabriela has created, set up and managed her own productions  with her dancing company and travelled around the world, performing in the most prestigious venues, such as as Kungliga Dramatiska Teater in Stockholm. 40 small and  large performances. The Stockholm Flamenco Center is currently (in 2020) the only academy in Sweden solely dedicated to flamenco. 


In 1994 Gabriela founded her own Flamenco Studio, the Stockholm Flamenco Center, and ever since its doors are open to hundreds of students in Scandinavia.

She has also developed a unique teaching technique for flamenco students, regardless their previous dancing experience. This means that any student who wants to learn flamenco can benefit from her method and have a deep understanding of the flamenco discipline, from rhythm to steps.